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Corvids & Cauldrons: Celtic Community Chats

Please join Land, Sea, Sky Travel and Guests for upcoming on-line open houses as we transform our Zoom and Discord accounts into a magical traveling feast hall a’la Cauldron of The Celts. Please e-mail us to receive our password for Zoom, which is good for all chats. 

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We are off on Saturday and Sundays. All times in EST.

Mondays in June:  Special Events only, watch our spaces for pop-up events

Tuesdays in June:  Time Team Tuesday. Join us at 2PM-3PM EST on our Discord. We start with inviting our Gods of Hearth and Home to join us and than we watch a free episode of Time Team together and discuss it in a chat channel.

 Tuesday June 1, 8:00 PM : Along with Time Team Tuesday we will be hosting an Apollo devotional and special party for our darling Jai to celebrate his one year anniversary of top-surgery. 

Wednesdays in June: Owl Service Wednesdays 2-3 PM EST in our Discord server. We start with a devotional to Bloduewedd.  We recently completed reading through The Owl Service by Alan Gardner and will now be embarking on watching the T.V series 

Thursdays in June: Gwyn ap Nudd Day  2:30-3:30 PM EST on Zoom. Join Thorn Hollysong from Starstruck Awenydd Blog. We start our time together with a devotional to Gwyn ap Nudd and sometimes other members of his family. We than have an activity centered around Gwyn ap Nudd, Welsh polytheism, or the Awen and Awenydd path. Actives include discussions, meditations, and researching. 

Fridays in June: Special Events only, watch our spaces for pop-up events



We will be starting each session out with a devotional. We will also have a short community check-in via our chat room, plus an activity, Most of our content falls under the Celtic Polytheism umbrella, though all are welcome to attend.

Activities may include reading myths, stories, lore, poems, or other tidbits. There may also be meditations, silly games, short teachings, divination swaps, or whatever else happens to excite. You can find our devotional and planned activities on the schedule of events above.

You may wish to bring a candle, an offering for the Gods, a snack for yourself, some knitting, a divination deck, some craft supplies, a fidget spinner, or just yourself, and join us for an hour of community offerings. All that is needed is a computer, laptop, tablet, or you can even call in from an old fashioned phone!

These chats will be offered to our community free of charge. You can just show up by clicking the link and joining. You can come and go as you please, show up late and leave early. If you need to leave us running in the background while you work or care for family, that’s a-okay. Cost: FREE, that’s right, everyone’s favorite price of zero.

We do ask guests to please enter under our Hospitality Statement, and to keep discussions focused and centered on how their hearth and heart are doing during these troubled times. We ask that you refrain from common advice, politics, revolution, medical advice, and speculation. These are all important things to consider, but well covered elsewhere. We are joining for a low key community experience, and a break from the stress of our times.

Please email us if you have questions or requests:

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