Bealtaine: Kindling the Flame of Devotion - A Tour of Southwest Ireland

Belltaine .i. bil tene .i. tene ṡoinmech .i. dáthene dognítis druidhe tria thaircedlu...móraib combertis na cethrai arthedmannaib cacha bliadna cusnaténdtibsin (eictis na cethra etarru)

"Bealtaine, meaning lucky fire or fire of abundance, a festival with two fires made by Druidic incantations...made for the young herds to receive blessing every year against illnesses (note - the herds need to be driven between the fires)”.

-Sanas Cormaic B102

Bealtaine is a time when the tides of the year are turning, when winter is losing its hold on the earth, and summer is surging in to seize the land. The energy that had been drawn back in towards the hearth at Samhain is turning outwards again, returning to the wilds and the woods, the shore and the strand, as human activity turns outwards again as well. Join us at this pivotal time of year to connect to this energy, as we tour the area around the Beara Peninsula and County Cork, visiting sacred sites and honoring the Gods and spirits of the land.

We light the fires of Bealtaine in honor of the Gods, the Tuatha dé Danann, asking that they cleanse us of the old year and bless us for the new season. As we move forward on our tour of southwest Ireland, we also kindle the flame of devotion within ourselves, as we visit the ancient sacred sites and share the old stories of the Gods, spirits, and landscape.

May-time, beautifully formed,
time moves forward in its division;
the blackbird clearly sings his songs
praise of day's (sun's) scarce spear.

Cétemain, cain cucht, as translated by Morgan Daimler

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