After picking you up at the Dublin airport, we will be heading into the city, also known as Baile Átha Cliath ‘town of the hurdle ford’, to explore the Ireland National Museum – Archaeology, National Library of Ireland, which houses William Butler Yeats’ exhibit, including his grimoires and magical tools. We then will tour the Historic Guinness Storehouse, and share a pint together in their viewing tower, which gives you a beautiful view of downtown Dublin. The culmination of our first day in Ireland will be our opening ritual feast and fellowship.


Our first day waking in Ireland, we will visit the waters and flame of Brigid in Kildare, Co Kildare. We will be exploring the two Brighid’s wells of Kildare, Kildare town, the fire temple of Kildare, and taking in a visit with the nuns of Kildare to learn about their unique take on our Goddess and to receive the blessings of Brighid’s perpetual flame. There will also be private time available at Solas Bhride to walk their labyrinth and explore the grounds of this peaceful sanctuary.


We will be waking up early on the day of and head to a sunrise Equinox ceremony. On the mornings of the Autumn and Spring Equinoxes the morning sun enters and illuminates the back of Loughcrew Cairn T. We will be there to witness this special moment,along with celebrating the turning the year with Irish magic workers and pagans. After ritual and private time atop Loughcrew, we will make our way down to Loughcrew Gardens for hot tea and breakfast. The rest of the day will be spent attending classes and events associated with the festival.

You can read more about the festival and see samples of past class and event line ups here:

Newgrange & Knowth

On to approximately 5,000 year old, Neolithic ritual center Newgrange for the fourth day of our journey! We will be able to experience a simulated winter solstice sunrise in one of the best known stone age passage tombs. At Knowth, a slightly larger structure built after Newgrange, we will see ancient carved astronomical calendars. Finally, we will get to explore the Brú na Bóinne visitor center’s extensive exhibitions and cafe.

Hill of Tara

We will be touring Hill of Tara with guide Jon O’Sullivan. After the tour, there will be plenty of free time for exploring Hill of Tara on your own, shopping at the gift shop, eating dinner at the lovely Maguires Cafe, and visiting the artist in residence (currently Courtney Davis at Hill of Tara studio).


Tour the ancient royal site of Rathcrogan with Lora O’Brien. Our day will be spent in learning how to connect, start, and maintain an authentic relationship with Ireland. Lora will lead us through ritual and ceremony with Medb and the Morrigan. We will conclude the day with a chance to visit Oweynagat, the Cave Of The Cats. You can find Lora O’Brien here:

Emain Macha & Navan Center Co. Armagh

Experience the ancient seat of kings in Ulster and home of Macha herself where the wicker man still burns each year. Come hear tales from Iron Age reenactors, and stand in a ring of ash trees atop Emain Macha to survey the kingdom. Our day will include entrance into Navan Fort, and ritual work at Emain Macha.


We will conclude our time together with offerings to Manannan Mac Lir and the Sea. Before departing for our journeys home, we will meet around the feasting table once more to give thanks for the hospitality we have received and toast to each other for safe travels! You will be dropped off at the Dublin airport at 4pm sharp in order to make evening flights.

During our trip we will immerse ourselves in the unforgetable experience of Ireland. The Emerald Isle is brimming with opportunity at each step, so we have allotted for some flexibility in the schedule to embrace the magic that is revealed. As the journey unfolds, we will answer the call by holding ritual or sacred space for our traveling community to share and integrate their gnosis. Among others who emerge over time, we intend to honor An Morríghan, An Dagda, Macha, Brighid, Medb, Mananan Mac Lir and the Sidhe.