Upcoming Trips and Events

Heart of the Tuatha dé Danann: An Autumn Equinox Tour of Ireland, Her People and Her Gods

September 21 – 28, 2017

The table is brimming with delights: bread shared in friendship, butter like none other in the world, and all manner of delicious plenty to enjoy. The company is merry as the laughter and stories flow like honey, and we raise our glasses to honor the Tuatha dé Danann in their vibrant and sacred homeland. We give offerings to the Land, Sea, Sky, and to the living heart of Ireland. Do you hear the call of the sacred lands? Will you join us for a journey of reverence for the Gods, of learning and respect for the culture and people of Ireland, all held within the bonds of comradeship and hospitality? We would love for you join us!

Hosted by The Cauldron of the Celts and Land, Sea, Sky Travel.

Journeying in the Irish Otherworld with Lora O’Brien

November 16 – 19, 2017

Oakland, California

Land, Sea, Sky Travel is excited to announce that we will be hosting a four day workshop with Irish Author Lora O’Brien in Oakland, California, starting the evening of November 16, 2017 with a Meet and Greet dinner, followed by three full days of teaching, fellowship, ritual, and authentic Irish connection. Please stay tuned to this space for further details, including cost and registration. There will be at least one scholarship position available for this weekend.

Pantheacon 2018

February 16 – 19

San Jose, California


Bealtaine: Kindling the Flame of Devotion, A Tour of Southwest Ireland

April 28 – May 6, 2018

Southwest Ireland

Bealtaine is a time when the tides of the year are turning, when winter is losing its hold on the earth, and summer is surging in to seize the land. The energy that had been drawn back in towards the hearth at Samhain is turning outwards again, returning to the wilds and the woods, the shore and the strand, as human activity turns outwards again as well. Join us at this pivotal time of year to connect to this energy, as we tour the area around the Beara Peninsula and County Cork, visiting sacred sites and honoring the Gods and spirits of the land.

Hosted by Stephanie Woodfield, Morgan Daimler, and Vyviane Armstrong.

Hiddenfolk, Witches & Elves: A Pagan Pilgrimage Thru Iceland’s Magical Landscape

September 18 – 25, 2018


We have set our course to the crossroads of continents where fire and ice meet, amidst the turbulent ocean. A place where dark, liminal tales take place in barren fells, cacophonous waterfalls, and colors beyond imagining. A place where the aurora dances in the skies, casting her light upon the land. We have set our course for a land that lies between the old and the new, one foot in the modern world and one in the age of sagas. A land of black sand beaches where ghosts still walk and trolls lurk. A land where elf-churches can be found in boulders that reroute highways. A land where the earth and sea still hold the memories of the old ways, even as new ways are embraced and lived.

Hosted by Morgan Daimler, Catherine Heath, and Vyviane Armstrong.

Beyond the Veil: Madonnas, Myths, & Magic in Northern France

April 2019

Northern France

Along with our dear friends at Hello Shakti, we are pleased to present Beyond The Veil: Madonnas, Myth and Magic in Northern France. This retreat will be held in April 2019, details and registration to come soon.

Witches, Wolves & Warbands: Exploring the Wildness of Ireland

Bealtaine 2019
Details Coming Soon

Ceridwen & Her Cauldron: A Tour of Northern Wales

Samhain 2019

Northern Wales

Hosted by Vyviane Armstrong.

Medb: Initiation, Devotion, and Intoxication, a Tour of Northwest Ireland

Summer Solstice 2020

Northwest Ireland

Hosted by Lora O’Brien, Morgan Daimler, and Vyviane Armstrong.